Sarah Hepola Can Walk Her Cat on a Leash

She wrote about it! In Salon! And included a video!

She’s clearly a very determined person, since my cat, like hers, falls distinctly into the “collapse angrily to the ground, refuse to move” camp of leash-cats, but Hepola clearly managed to eventually make it work.

This story also, sadly, reinforced my belief that Salon commenters are the meanest people on the internet (this follows a quotation from Broadcast News by an individual who calls himself “deargodwhy”):

“That’s you, Joan, lowering standards slowly, bit by little bit, every day. You have taken a once-great webzine and turned it into absolute shit. This is the lead story? Are you fucking kidding me? You have no right to criticize Sarah Palin IN ANY WAY. She is far more intelligent than the shit you are shoveling. And, BTW, I DESPISE Sarah Palin and everything she stands for. Thanks again, Joan.”

And then, right, you have the “what kind of evil bitch keeps their cat inside” comments, and the “if you fed your cat a raw-food diet, your cat would be able to fly and solve crimes” comments, and the “why would anyone care about an animal when there are DYING PEOPLE IN THE THIRD WORLD” comments, and eventually you just stop reading Salon and go make a cup of tea.

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