Exercise Gadgets to Ruin/Enhance Your Life

The best way to get fit is to spend hundreds of dollars on gadgets, and then watch the desired result automatically happen. Right? Here are a few good ways to spend your money becoming perfect.

Calorie Monitors
The BodyBugg is a device you wear on your arm that counts the calories you expend when you sleep, walk, run, exercise, and do pretty much anything, which is useful if you like to be on top of what you’re burning and not burning (math, control!). It’s $250 (it has a pedometer and links up to your smartphone), but it’s on sale for $200. (Amazon users are on the fence, although they happily endorse the similarly priced BodyMedia FIT Armband, $209.)

Meanwhile, the less-expensive Fitbit tracker ($99) “gives you a clear sense of how you’re doing and encourages you to be more active,” which sounds like a living, chattering nightmare, but it does just as much as the BodyBugg, costs less, looks prettier, and everyone seems to love it (“At any time during the day, you can push the one little button on the fitbit to display an estimate of calories burned, steps taken, miles walked, and a graphic of a flower that is larger as you’re more active.” @ →-> — — -).

Watch your step — literally (ayyy!). More than 3,000 users give the Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer, $21, a 4.5-star average rating, plus it’s a pocket pedometer, meaning you don’t have to strap it to your arm like the BodyBugg (or pay hundreds of dollars). Or you could strap it to your arm! Whatever you like. (And here’s a slew of other good-looking pedometers, because why pick just one. Use a few at once, see if they say different numbers. Fill your pockets with pedometers.)

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