Tiny Wands!

by Claire Carusillo

Do you miss Harry Potter a little bit already? Here’s a small solution: TINY WANDS!

Willow and dragon heartstring, 1 and a half inches long, springy.

Lil alohomora! Unlocks small obstacles, such as the lock on the diary of the 12-year-old you babysit for or the clasp on a tiny pair of novelty keychain handcuffs.

Holly and phoenix feather, 2 inches, pliable.

Wee wingardium leviosa! Levitate small amounts of matter, such as free-falling dust particles, mosquitoes that are still capable of flight, loose legal documents, and airplanes if you really focus up.

Beechwood and unicorn hair, 2.2 inches, pliable

Sweet lil sectum sempra! Now we’re dealing with some pretty precious dark magic! Perforate holes to rid old cheese and cured meats of mold! Accio cheese plate!

Aspen and centaur heartstring, 2.5 inches, firm.

Impish lil imperio! Control everything around! Make your BFF do menial tasks for you, like go get you a muffin from the kitchen and search through the junk drawer for a micro-fiber cloth to clean your glasses. They’re pretty dirty from that time you robbed a tiny bank and were living a tiny life on the lam for 500 pages.

Willow, 1.5 inches, supple.

OMG OMG AVADA KEDAVRA! A cute little killing spell! Are you a little bit dead now? Did a mole or freckle perchance fall off? Or it could be an emotional or metaphorical death?

The Elder Wand.

The tiniest Deathly Hallow of all. Congratulations, you are the tiny master of death. With tiny power comes tiny responsibility.

Claire Carusillo’s childhood technically ended when she started wearing lipstick in 2009, but the end of Harry Potter was still extremely significant to her.