The Greenhorns: Young Farmers to Rule the World

If you’ve ever dreamed of running away and living on a farm, here’s something for you: The Greenhorns, a movie (and a movement) about young people growing plants and raising animals for a living.* Its mission is to “recruit, promote and support young farmers in America” (an increasing group), and the movie will premiere in Brooklyn on July 24 (go here to buy advance $5 tickets). It’s also being shown all over the country in tandem with other farmer-y events, including in your own tiny town if you’d like to request a screening. It’s only about 50 minutes long and will make you want to become a farmer, date a farmer, or buy an adorable farm-themed poster from their Etsy shop. Or all that in reverse.

*Full disclosure: The woman who made the film, Severine von Tscharner Fleming, is a friend of mine. She also raises pigs, cows, chickens, vegetables, and so, so many bugs on a beautiful farm in upstate New York.

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