So, They’ve Killed Cursive in Indiana Schools

Which, um, sad? But honestly, it’s like teaching people how to make quill pens, not in a “weekend at Colonial Williamsburg” way, but actually devoting months of curriculum time to it. Typing: the wave of the not-even-the-future.

There’s always the “but what if we have a nuclear apocalypse and all the computers disappear” school of thought, but, again, printing, you know?

Also, this is that thing you secretly worry about with vibrators, where it’s all, what if we get too used to Japanese Engineering Mastery, and then we enter a new climate-change-induced ice age in which electricity and battery power disappear, etc., and we can’t cope and become hysterical?

It’s not going to happen. You’re going to be just fine. And if it did, you could always try using a quill, right?

Photo via Flickr