In Case You Want to Visit Utah, This is How the Liquor Laws Work

Actual reporting courtesy of the New York Times. Other helpful background reading via Jacob Sullum at Reason.

You can’t order a double. (In practice, although it is technically illegal for servers to do this, I have found that you can order a regular drink, and then ask for a shot, which they will generally bring you, but will then place down as far from the first glass as humanly possible. They prefer it if you wait until the waiter is gone to pour the shot in.)

You no longer have to pay a “private member’s club” fee to get a drink in a bar.

There is no happy hour. Drinks have to cost the same amount every day of the week. This is not the case for poppers and mozzarella sticks.

The Zion Curtain idea is too out-there to even explain properly, but restaurants without “club licenses” have to prepare your drink behind an opaque screen, lest someone see a drink being made and think “man, I could really go for a drink right now.”

But you should still come visit, obviously.