Friday Bargain Bin: Kitchen Edition

Riondo Pink Prosecco, $9.74 (was $12.99)
Just trust me on this: Buy a case ($116.88) and serve this at all girl parties. Showers, bachelorettes, UFC championship viewings, etc. The bottle is adorable, the drank is good, and your friends will be all like “AAAaawwwWW-uh!”

Make Your Own Mozzarella Kit, $20 (was $35)
WHAT!? More like Make My Own Mozzarella Kit (send me all your mozz).

Three-Quart All Clad Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl With Base, $29.99 (was $70)
Wow, this is a perfect li’l mixing bowl for chefs who want to make aioli but only have two hands. Three-handed chefs are welcome to take advantage of this spectacular deal as well, obviously.

Steady Sticks Wine Glass & Bottle Holders, $9.99 (were $19.95)

Paint Your Own Tea Set, $7.99 (was $9.99, but really, does it matter?)
This is a 32-piece tea set that you could, I mean if you wanted to, make into a 32-piece cockandballs tea set for under ten bucks. What is the hold up?

Pumpkin Mille Crepes Cake, $21.95 (was $85)
OK, so this has probably been frozen since last September, but it is THE BEST AND OMG TWENTY BUCKS? These are like twenty bucks a slice at a restaurant. Not kidding. Race ya.

Floral Patchwork Vintage-Style Apron, $17.99 (was $29.95)

BBQ Bug Zapper, $7.49 (was $13)
Holy shit, have you guys ever played with one of these? It’s like “That fly is going down!

12 Fishs Eddy Carnival Coasters, $1.98 (were $3.95)
In other carnival news, I’m making a whole TAL show about Amusement Parks that’ll air early August. There’s gonna be a dude in it named Dutz Bonus, Jr. Real name; I checked his ID.

Blue Silk Flower Napkin Ring, $0.99 (was $4.95)
OK, these are hideous, but I could not pass up an opportunity to remind you of this treasure.

Cuisinart 3-piece Baking Sheet Set, $17.99 (was $35.98)
Hey, you know you gotta re-up your baking sheets someday. And this comes with two regulation sized jelly-roll ones!

12oz. Bag of Hanayuki Panko Breadcrumbs, $.25 (was $4.78)
Um, this is basically free panko. Time you got your Tonkatsu on. (NICE NAILS.)

Pie Contest in a Box, $11.99 (was $14.99)
Invite me! To be a judge. My favorite is strawberry-rhubarb. You win.

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