Different Categories of People Without A/C in Order of the Reasonable Sympathy One Bears for Them

6. This juicebox from Italy.

5. The Amish.

4. People currently visiting their mother in rural Canada who are used to having air conditioning and are now walking around bitching all the time and pretending to faint and generally acting like J.Lo circa Ben Affleck.

3. People from the past. (Thanks, Edith! PERSPECTIVE.)

2. People who can’t afford a/c. (This almost got swapped with “people from the past,” but people from the past didn’t have friends with a/c to resent and envy. That being said, people who can’t afford a/c can still make the choice to start a short-term romantic relationship with an a/c-having individual.)

1. All those dead elderly French people from August 2003. (French people neither get fat, nor voluntarily cut their vacations short to check on Grandma. Chirac said it, not me.)