Alien Wine

“It will be featured and displayed in a bulletproof showcase, like a painting, so people can see it easily. This showcase will be temperature- and humidity-controlled. It’ll be a mini-Fort Knox, impossible to open. … I will never resell it, even if a wealthy Chinese gentleman or a rich man from the Middle East offers to buy it. I’m not a fancy collector. I’m not rich. I work very hard. This is important that it’s not connected to investing. I’m a sommelier. Wine is for drinking.”
 — Not even Chinese or Middle Eastern gentlemen can stop the man who bought the world’s most expensive bottle of wine from drinking it in 2017, when he plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his career. The wine — a 1811 Chateau d’Yquem, Sauternes, for which he paid $117K — is believed to be especially delicious because a comet flew past the earth in that year.