10 Small Talk-Appropriate Questions to Ask Instead of “So When Are You Two Going to Have Kids?”

by Javacia Harris Bowser

1. Have you ever noticed that all firemen are sexy? Is it a job requirement?

2. Do you think the current natural hair craze is just a fad?

3. Is it true you’ve started saving for Beyoncé concert tickets even though she hasn’t announced tour dates?

4. What is Pure Barre? Is it a type of soap or some organic candy?

5. Have you read The Help?

6. Didn’t the movie Friends With Benefits come out earlier this year under the title No Strings Attached?

7. Did you catch True Blood on Sunday? Is the storyline with Jason and the werepanthers starting to bore you too?

8. Is it wrong to think Shia LaBeouf is hot even though he’s like 15?

9. Do you think skinny jeans will ever go away?

10. Can you send me a Google+ invitation?

Javacia Harris Bowser is a childless blogger in Birmingham, Alabama. Find her at GeorgiaMae.com and on Twitter. (She is quite fond of God and America.)