The Shortcomings of Teen Lesbian Literature

“Penny was right, I was acting like a maniac. It was getting to the point where any time Wendy’s name was mentioned… I was becoming hysterical. I damn well better calm myself down or it’s going to be all over the school that I have a crush on Wendy. There. It was out. I had a crush on Wendy, and not on Donald, or Mickey McCormick, or any of Carlotta’s beaux. And if I kept acting this way, everybody at Southeby’s was going to guess. And no number of diaphragms would be able to wipe away what I myself was doing in daily conversations. So I’d better cool it. And fast.”
 — Even diaphragms have their limit: Sara Breselor excerpts from the highs and lows of teen lesbian fiction (including the above passage, from Alice Bach’s They’ll Never Make a Movie Starring Me)[Via]