Skincare Gadgets to Love and Ignore

You can wash and beautify your face, or you can spend hundreds of additional dollars to wash and beautify your face with electricity. Should you? Here’s a handful of skincare gadgets in descending credibility.

1. Face Cleaners
Just one, really: the Clarisonic Skin Care System (CSCS). But first a word of warning — falling too deeply down the CSCS rabbit hole will convince you that you need to spend $195 on an electronic face brush, so maybe skip ahead if you’re thinking “not a chance.” Or you can stick around and test yourself? OK, let’s go: The CSCS has a fascinatingly high 4.6 (out of 5)-star average on Sephora, where there are seventy-five pages of reviews. “Worth the money,” “worth the price,” and “worth every penny” are three of its most-frequent descriptors. (“Amazing” is No. 1.) See? Also, what is it?

It’s a “high frequency oscillating motion brush” that cleans out both your skin and memory: “I can’t remember life without my Clarisonic,” says Rosemarie H. on the Clarisonic website, where there’s also an addictive and sort of mysterious Before & After gallery (you can clean wrinkles away?). This shill-y corporate video shows the CSCS in action, and then this video, called “A toothbrush for your FACE?!” shows a pretty makeup enthusiast going nuts for the CSCS. Pick the latter if you only have time for one hypnotic seven-minute video about a skin machine.

The CSCS can go in the shower, it beeps at you when you’re supposed to move it around your face (20 seconds for the forehead, 20 seconds for the nose and chin, and 10 seconds for each cheek), and it takes up a medium amount of space in your bathroom. (A few people find it does nothing and/or makes their acne worse, however, but those people are encouraged to return it for a full refund. And so is anyone else who wants to.)

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