Save the Date, Paris: Ladyfest!

From Hairpin pal Olivia Singer:

I moved to Paris a year ago, following the feminist dream. I got here and there was a major lack of feminism. Not just major DSK-style stuff, not just the sexual assaults that I was subjected to within my first week here, but not being allowed to order my own food when I was at a restaurant with a guy and being stared at without any sense of shame by everyone on the metro just for wearing a skirt above my knees. It’s amazing here, but it’s very difficult as a woman. And the feminism I am so used to, Hairpin-ny feminism that’s fun as well as fighting the cause just wasn’t accessible to me, and I knew I wasn’t totally crazy and on my own freaking out about that. So I found some other women here, and we organised the first ever Ladyfest Paris and now it’s happening next weekend, the 2nd and 3rd of July. We have heaps of awesome music, from Riot Grrl-y Terry Poison to super-queer Tender Forever on Saturday night, and then a big party with our very own Ladyfest cocktails. Sunday is a day of discussions, workshops, art, performance, monologues, music from Gina Birch (be still, my heart) and if you are in Paris, you should come. It’s €24 for the weekend (it’s not-for-profit, obviously), and there’s gonna be heaps of great stuff to do. Buy tickets. Come. Party. Be feminist with the rest of us. And there are drinks.

Are you in Paris, or can you get to Paris by July 2? Go to Ladyfest! (Full schedule below.)