Oversharing Parents on Facebook: Animals Edition

by STFU Parents

Hi, it’s B. from STFU, Parents. I occasionally receive submissions that don’t fit the tone of STFUP, but because they’re still worth sharing, I figured I’d show some of the WTF-iest entries to you. This week’s theme: animals!

Now, a typical submission that might come my way regarding animals would look like this:

EW, right? So gross. I can’t tell you how many “my dog ate my baby’s crap” submissions I’ve gotten, but it’s disturbingly common. But every now and then, I get something related to animals that’s actually nothing like that at all. Like this:

Umm. Huh? Turtles doing it on a living room floor? I’m not sure if it’s more bizarre to have turtles doing it on your living room floor or to photograph it happening and post it on Facebook with a quirky baby caption.

That said, turtles making love on a rug looks positively pedestrian compared to this:

Whaaat the fuck? This is one of my all-time favorite submissions. It is BEYOND. The logistics alone slay me. (Ha ha, get it? The coyote is dead.) This woman went to the trouble of taking a stuffed animal carcass out into a field, propping her baby against it, snapping some photos, and then uploading them to Facebook. If I didn’t know better, I just might call her a genius.

Yay, animals!

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