“There is a large swath of 20-something women who all appear to be afflicted with the same syndrome. It shall be called Mollyphilia. The Cult of Molly.”
 — There is a large article in the Washington Post that appears to have been inspired by Chiara Atik’s American Girl Doll piece on the Hairpin (she’s interviewed in it, but they neither link to nor mention her post [Ed. — And now they do!]), and so far these are the best comments: “In true Washington Post fashion, they just can’t get it right. Kirsten did not have ‘fat blond ringlets,’ but as was appropriate for a farm girl of her era — she wore her hair in BRAIDS !!” and “as a Kirsten fan I resent your inference that I somehow lack independence and am inferior to a Molly fan.” Indeed, Molly was a nerd.