Eat an Apple

How does that saying go? “An apple a day, and ‘you’re a-OK,’ says the doctor”? It remains true: Scientists found that the ursolic acid in apple peels “boosts muscle growth by up to 15 per cent and reduces body fat by more than a half,” and could even “help with diabetes.” This based on a study with mice, wherein the mice getting the ursolic acid gained more muscle weight but not more weight overall than their non-ursolic-acid-eating peers. If this speaks to you, there are … surprisingly few (as in, no) recipes for “Apple Peel Chips” online. OK, here’s one that I’m making up: Peel an apple and then bake the peelings at 400 for 10 minutes. Did everything get burned? Let me know. Or make an apple pie and then eat the pile of peels. Or eat an apple. Who knows. Do whatever you want, I don’t care!