A Long, Strange Trip to Disney World

“Next memory: riding on the mechanical boat through the It’s a Small World attraction, continually spraying Mimi, who looked as if she had been boiled in a tank, her cheeks were so red and her little forehead was glowing. The whole time I was spraying, she was waving at the dolls, acknowledging every single doll’s wave with her own; showing an O.C.D.-like desire not to miss anyone. It seemed that she misunderstood the nature of the dynamic, believed we ourselves were part of some parade, being observed by the dolls. A more natural idea, I suppose. Why would you go floating by in a boat to look at children standing along the banks of a river; they would be looking at you. Because you are a princess.”
 — John Jeremiah Sullivan went to Disney World with his daughter, Mimi, and his wife and some friends. While there he got stoned and had some pretty great revelations.

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