Hello, Hello Giggles

The women’s website Hello Giggles, “Founded by actress/musician ZOOEY DESCHANEL, producer SOPHIA ROSSI and blogger/Internet Sensation MOLLY MCALEER” has officially launched. Go poke around — it’s calling itself “the ultimate entertainment destination for smart, independent and creative females.” Oh, is that a challenge, Hello Giggles? Oh, is that a challenge!?

“Everything hosted on the site will be lady-friendly,” it continues, “so visitors need not worry about finding the standard Boys Club content that makes many entertainment sites unappealing to so many of us.” They’re kicking it off with, among other features, a manifesto on walking, a piece called “Which Baby-sitters Club Member Are You?”, Molly’s guide to fingernail painting, and a quick description of how they know one another. It’s a little weird that Zooey’s nowhere to be seen yet, but maybe if you zoom back enough the entire site becomes a portrait of her, with each post making up a different pixel.

Update: Per a very sweet Tweet, Hello Giggles explains that in addition to writing, “our goal is to produce a lot of original sketch comedy.” Stay tuned!