Eye Makeup Gadgets, by Scariness

Women have been putting tools near their eyes in the name of beauty for time immemorial, but it’s only fairly recently that we gave these tools the ability to electrocute or burn us. Here’s how to use them, in order of how frightening they are.

3. Regular Eyelash Curlers
The traditional eyelash curler looks like a pair drunk scissors, dramatically falls out of your medicine cabinet, and takes up too much space in your travel kit. Life is hard, get a smaller eyelash curler: This cute little Laura Mercier one ($16) calls to mind those little hole-punchers that make hearts, stars, or ducks. To use, put it up to your eye and just … squeeze for five seconds.

I’m partial to the traditional models, though, which can get closer to the root of the lash and allow for more precision, if precision is a word that can even be applied to the act of curling your lashes — this Sephora eyelash curler cost me $16 and has lasted for years. It comes with two refill pads, although I’m not sure what they’re for and haven’t used them. (Ah: “With daily use, one set of silicone pads lasts about three months. After the refill silicone pad are used, please replace with a new eyelash curler to ensure maximum precision and to avoid damage to the eyes or lashes.” So, I guess they’re … actually, still not really clear. Because they get dirty, I guess? Which they do, but you could also just wipe them down, as I do. [No I don’t.]) To use, angle the curler so it’s as close to the lashline as possible, then squeeze and hold for five seconds. All done. Or, if you’re a maniac, do it again about halfway down the lash to add another angle of curliness. Then apply mascara. Speaking of mascara and maniacs …

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