Eat, Pray, Shop

Of course Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the bajillion-copy selling Eat, Pray, Love, owns a charming little store in New Jersey! It’s loaded with “treasures” she’s found during her extensive travels, and you can buy them. Maybe get a nice statue that you can take home and then gaze upon in the dead of night when you’re sprawled crying on your living room floor because you really don’t want to be in this marriage anymore, but how can you possibly get a divorce since you don’t have enough money to spend a full year roaming around the globe learning timeless lessons that will heal your broken heart? Anyway, her shop is called Two Buttons, and she and her impossibly sexy husband run it together. (I don’t know if he’s actually sexy, I just picture him in my mind as Javier Bardem, and well, you know.) Just don’t call ahead to see if they’re open because the store doesn’t even have a phone; you just have to stumble upon it while you’re on your journey of self-discovery in the wilds of New Jersey, or something. How marvelous and whimsical is that? Or, maybe that doesn’t sound at all marvelous and whimsical, in which case you should go instead to the New York Times, where you can read Sam Anderson’s terrific piece on Eat, Pray, Love and what it hath wrought.