A Ring You Can Eat

This gorgeous ring is made from a dried beet and is edible! Go look at all these other cool pieces made from dehydrated fruit too. It’s such a good idea to make jewelry that is both beautiful and nutritious. It’s so much more useful than a conventional ring — like you could chew on it instead of your nails when you get nervous! Or you could wear it on a fancy date where you and your handsome billionaire boyfriend go on a helicopter tour of an exotic wilderness. Then when your helicopter crashes, you guys will have to survive off of nothing but rainwater you catch with leaves, your edible ring, and, of course, your love. And you’ll totally make it, mostly because of the ring, and after you get rescued he’ll buy another dried beet to replace the one you guys ate, and then he’ll use the ring to propose, and obviously you say yes, because, hello! Let me be the first to say: “Congratulations. How wonderful.”