The Week of April 11–15

-A Dude discussed whether it’s possible to be too fast, too fun, too fat, or too skilled in bed. A Lady answered our questions about rustling tampons, risky spring break behavior, and being a sexual beginner.

-Our pal Jane Feltes counseled us on going without makeup, using eye cream, and how to look hot the morning after.

-When it comes to being an internet princess, stone cold is the only way to be.

-Everyone and their sister is pregnant right now! (Maybe it’s because Walgreens is taking over for Planned Parenthood?) But don’t worry, be happy Simone Eastman is here to help us deal with all these babies.

-If penguins are very small and made out of olives, you’re allowed to eat them.

-Before you get all dolled up and hit the clubs, remember to review your dance floor exit strategy.