by David Rees

If last week’s news was all about gas prices, this week’s news is all about the wedding of King William and his girlfriend — the royal wedding!

I’m happy to say that the British Parliament (in accordance with Her Majesty’s wishes) has commissioned me to create a special “Royal” edition of Relationshapes! These images are officially licensed with the Seal Of The Crown and are free to be used by all citizens of England (except orphans).

HER MAJESTY’S COMMENT: “I shall wear my finest jewels to the royal wedding … and I shall print out this Relationshapes comic and affix it to my sceptre with a bit of Scotch tape. Simply lurvly.”

BRITISH PARLIAMENT’S OFFICIAL COMMENT: “David Rees is officially a Lord of Britain, just like Sir Elton John. He can eat free at any British restaurant for two years.”

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David Rees is a former political cartoonist. Now he is an artisanal pencil sharpener.