Gmail Just Got More Exciting

Finally, Google has made it so you can use your own pictures to create a personalized theme for your Gmail. No longer are you confined to their benignly serene or overly juvenile preset themes. You can get crazy and express your own personality, which will make you think even less about how every time you log in you’re handing more of your formerly private life over to Google. But don’t even worry about it; you get to look at pretty pictures!

Anyway, I am actually a little too excited about this. For the last year I’ve had the exceedingly green “Turf” theme, and I am ready for a change. I spent a few minutes experimenting using pics I had on my desktop, and the results were pretty glorious. I’m still deciding which one I’m going to use.

First up, tigers! I don’t know why I had this pic, but hey, whatever. It’s exotic and aggressive, just like I am not. This would really be grrrrreat for anyone who’s been dying to start referring to their Gmail as Grrrrrmail. Is that you? You’re welcome to steal my idea.

Puppies! I have like 3,000 pictures of dogs on my computer, so I grabbed the first one I saw. I call this theme D-O-GMail. It is a soothing choice, because how annoyed can you really get by your email when you are staring at that cute, squeezable little puppy face?

Now we’re talking. Nothing goes better with warm weather than a nice glass of rosé, amirite? It’s so nice out, you want to escape your desk, and you’re already thinking about drinking morning, noon, and night. You might as well be looking at this lovely glass of wine while you try to work. WineMail: It’s like a little vacation in a bottle.

Do you have trouble focusing on your email while you’re at work? Not anymore! Because someone is watching you, and that someone is kind of cute and kind of creepy in a way that means you can’t look right at her but you also can’t look away. So instead you’ll look at the inbox just to her right. EyesMail will make you more productive than ever!

Yeah, I went there, OK? How could I not at least try this pic, even though I knew it was dangerous? I’ll admit that I made this last night and within five minutes of installing it I’d eaten half an Easter basket’s worth of candy and had to remove this image permanently from my desktop. Proceed with any kind of CandyMail at your own risk.

That’s all I have so far. I hope this has inspired you to go forth and create your own personalized Gmail experience!

Original Peanut Butter Cup image via Flickr