A Great Place to Meet Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You At All

Single fans of Ayn Rand’s work, take note: there’s a website where you can go to hook up with your fellow Randians. (Randites? Randinos? Randolays?) It’s called The Atlasphere, and it sounds like a positively charming place to meet someone!

One intrepid Time reporter did a sampling of the profiles, and she compiled a list of some common answers in the “About me” section of the profiles. The results could not be more perfect.

I am my own standard of value.

I believe in self-esteem, integrity and self-improvement.

I do not have tolerance for the weak and pitiful.

I love America and its capitalist views.

I was born to an upper-class family.

I am perfect just the way I am.

I don’t like Russia at all.

I have creepily long toes.

OK, well, those all sounds like lovely things to talk about on a first date. “I don’t like Russia at all.” “Me either! I love America. It’s the only place where I am free enough to expose my creepily long toes.” On the bright side, everyone on the site works in finance and business, so at least they’ll probably pay for dinner. Just don’t ask them to, or it will make you appear weak and pitiful — and whatever you do don’t have casual sex with any of them!