Woman Has a Fun Group of Friends

I was flipping through the March 2011 issue of Marie Claire last night, and came across a short essay about one woman’s engagement.

After I got engaged in the south of France last summer, congratulatory cards started streaming in, and I gave each one a spot on the refrigerator door.

One card, however, went straight into the trash. It was from a girlfriend of mine, and all over the front, in tiny red print, it read: “I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.”

“Kidding!” my still-single pal had scrawled on the back.

But I knew better. In the weeks following Drew’s proposal, the reactions of some of my most loyal friends were shocking. One levelheaded pal responded to the news with a three-word e-mail that flatly read: “Congratulations. How wonderful.” Another, who had recently been through a breakup, fled our engagement party weeping.

Fortunately the Kate Middleton doll — “Experience the thrill of her engagement by owning one of the most elegant and regal treasures in the world” — has been released not a moment too soon.