The Man in the Mirror Wants to Sell You Something

Mirrors were getting so outmoded. They could only do that one thing — show you a true, unvarnished reflection of yourself — and they didn’t even come with apps or anything fun like that. Well, thank goodness someone has finally come up with a way to make mirrors more versatile! A company called Mirrus has invented a mirror capable of displaying ads, and Clear Channel has installed a bunch in the Chicago airport. So now when you’re staring at yourself wondering if the left side of your face is slightly fatter than the right, you’ll also be able to figure out what kind of bottled water you should pay $6 for.

If this video is any indication, this new innovation is going to make going to the bathroom A LOT more fun!

While they’re at it, Clear Channel should install metal plates in the toilet seats to ensure that each bathroom-goer gets the full branding experience…

Photo via Flickr