Put a Lid on It

We’ve all been there: you’re about to put your foot down into a boot, and then suddenly terror strikes when you realize that there could be a snake or a rat or a tarantula lurking down there, just waiting to bite you and probably kill you. So then you have to turn the boot over and shake it to make sure there are no deadly creatures inside before you put it on. It’s the worst, but thankfully a new product has come along that will put an end to this paralyzing boot anxiety!

A clever man in England has invented the “Wellitop,” a device designed specifically to keep spiders out of your boots. It’s like a little lid, which also keeps them dry and makes them easier to carry around, but mostly it keeps terrifying creatures from making a home in your shoes. We’re all breathing a sigh of relief, according to the inventor, “People have said it’s a lot less frightening now dipping their foot in knowing they won’t find a spider or mouse inside.” Sounds good to me!

Mark my words: the Wellitop will do for boots what Tupperware did for leftovers: keep the spiders out.