Mrs. John L. Strong Helps You Spend All Your Money on Paper

High-end stationery store Mrs. John L. Strong — whose catalog, as commenter Lily Rowan notes, is like an American Girl Doll catalog for grown women — has relaunched its website. On it, you can buy such beautiful, perfect little things as these Bison Cards, $135 for 20. Are you silent-screaming? I can’t hear you over my own silent scream.

So lovely. Also, the Rococo Squirrel Card (also $135 for 20).

And the Bronze Place Card Holders, $175 for 24. How have you lived un-place-held for so long?

And, so pretty, Corn Place Cards, $40 for 12. (The Pomegranate Place Cards are excellent as well.)

The purpose of “The Entertaining Journal” (written across the cover) is to record “each sumptuous detail” of your every sumptuous get-together. (Details about non-sumptuous events rip tiny holes in the paper.) $125.

Naturally, Mrs. John L. Strong also does bespoke and wedding stationery, too, but if you click those sections she puts a hand over yours and reminds you in a soothing but firm voice that you must show up at their New York headquarters to even think about being part of that world.