Celebrating Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Birthday the Only Way I Know How

a cat

Wait, what?

Your desktop calendar did not come with British composer and theater director Andrew Lloyd Webber’s birthday automatically printed into the March 22 box? But it is his 63rd! A milestone!

Well don’t worry about it, you can just sign your name on my card.


With 7 billion other boxes in the sea, maybe it’s time to stop forcing things.

This is my cat Joanna Mewsom and she’s gifted.

Namaste, yogacat.

Odd things in the order they struck me:
1. A cat and a fish? Friends?!
2. lol cat-in-water
3. Wait why is the goldfish even in the bathtub?

Happy birthday, Andrew Lloyd Webber!
Christine and [your name here]

image via flickr