Valentine’s Day Tips From a Man

It’s Valentine’s Day, and a nation turns its lonely eyes to Marie Claire’s beloved man-blogger Rich Santos. Rich, what’s up with you this Valentine’s Day? I see you’re offering a list of V-Day Dos and Don’ts.

Don’t Go Too Gung Ho Too Fast
 … I’m not sure which is more awkward: receiving a gift when you didn’t buy one for your significant other, or giving a gift when they didn’t get you one. The second is definitely more embarrassing, so I’d urge you not to buy a gift if you’re not sure — at least you can save face that way.

That’s kind of heartbreaking, Rich. Don’t always save face! Sometimes it’s about losing your face completely. Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day to you from The Hairpin, and I sincerely wish you luck in love this year. One last thing, though, should I go psycho?

Don’t Go Psycho