The Super Bowl and 11 Other Things Women Prefer to Sex

by Rose Garrett

According to the online dating site Zoosk, 73 percent of women would rather watch the Super Bowl than have sex. (Presumably this means only the game itself and not pre-game, post-game, or — god willing — halftime.) But science has been helping us understand what women like more than sex for years! So, in honor of the Super Bowl and also sex, let’s take a moment to look back at the many other things studies have shown the ladies to love even more than lovin’:

The list looks grim until you consider some of the possible and scientifically proven pleasure-cocktail combinations you could put together. Having sex while being thin? I’ve done it once, although it was admittedly pretty mediocre (but probably because I was in high school during said thinness). Chatting with friends on your cell phone while eating chocolate and watching soap operas? I’ll pass, but mostly because I like eating chocolate in absolute silence and privacy.

Personally, I think it’d be fun to try food + chocolate + being thin (the power triad); cuddling + chatting with friends (my friends are super fun to cuddle with); cell phones + new clothes + drinking water; and doing housework + being fairly wasted (I’d add “gin” to this list).

So, will I be watching the Super Bowl this year? I will indeed. Will I be having sex while I do it? All signs point to no. But this is not really by choice and, I hope, statistically insignificant.

Rose Garrett is a writer living in San Francisco. She enjoys infographics, Nacho Average Movie Night, and reading the blogs.