The Mysterious and Fascinating Ovulating Woman

There’s a lot going on in this New York Times article on ovulating women and the madness they inspire/suppress in themselves and others. For instance,

[A] quick fling with a good-looking guy can produce a child with better genes, who will therefore have a better chance of passing along the mother’s genes. But this sort of infidelity is risky if the woman’s unsexy long-term partner finds out and leaves her alone to raise the child. So it makes sense for her to limit her risks by being unfaithful only at those times she’s fertile.

We crazy! Also, ovulating lap dancers …

… get much higher tips (unless they’re taking birth-control pills that suppress ovulation, in which case their tips remain lower).

And now if you’re wondering, “how do I know when can I use this magical inner wand to make money and mess with people’s heads,” here’s a possibly oversimplified Ovulation Calculator. Use it for good, not evil.