Rye Rye’s “Party in the U.S.A.” Remix Video, or, Reasons to Be Rye Rye

Things the awesome and lovable [rising hip-hop star] Rye Rye has that I need:

-A manicure like that.

-A windbreaker like that.

-Sneakers like that.

-The ability to dance exactly like that.

-Guy friends who can and regularly do dance like that.

-Pants with weird straps like that, I guess!

-Youth. (She’s 19! I hate her. I love her.)

-Everything. Everything she has.

(Rye Rye’s debut album, Go! Pop! Bang!, is due out February 22, and here’s a link to her M.I.A. collaboration single “Sunshine,” which is also great. Come heeere, Rye Rye!)

[Via Hairpin pal Lindsay Weber!]

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