Numbing Panties Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

by Bonnie

Ladies, do you enjoy wearing things, but not so much feeling things?

… the first and only garment-based numbing system

Well fi-nal-ly! BareEase & Cream is a pre-treatment for “down there” hair removal. And that phrase is used distractingly often on their website.

“Emphasize that I am a doctor and a woman. They can trust me. Oh and only ever refer to the target area as ‘down there.’”

“But, as a doctor, don’t you think — “

“La-la-la can’t hear your filthy mouth.”

This convenient numbing cream for waxing comes with a latex panty that isolates the numbing cream to the desired areas. This means zero chances of accidentally getting the cream on your clothes, and you can enjoy your uninterrupted daily routine!

And why wear them only to and from the spa? Keep them on right through your Valentine’s date night, then reveal yourself in naughty pink latex. Think of the garment for him and the lidocaine for you. Lure him closer. Enjoy the look on his face when his manhood discovers your numbing little secret. Maybe this will teach him ever touch you again down there.

After having been waxed during my first trimester of pregnancy without any numbing agent, I wondered if I could stand the pain to do it again. Now in my third trimester and hoping it wouldn’t send me into labor, I went for it with the use of the BareEase cream kit. I would have to say that despite being extra sensitive in the area and ready to give birth, the cream definitely took the edge off of the sting involved in waxing and made the waxing session tolerable. I was able to lay through it without nearly jumping off the table as I did in times previous…

Dr Ma’s disclaimer for pregnant users: Please consult your obstetrician prior to using this or any “down there” products.