New Book for Sensitive Ladies

by Bonnie

I know what you want and need: a new book to read! Here is my top pick of the week, a serious course of study, available to download free. Because you’re worth it.

Heidi Sawyer has psychic powers and knows that you do, too. She knows plenty about you, like how you never quite fit in, and how you have a lot of food allergies. Turns out, that’s all because of how psychic you secretly are. Heidi will guide you through your stages of being A Sensitive (different than being too sensitive! Kind of different from being selfish, too.)

Stage 4 …usually starts with a profound interest in healing and angels

From there you’ll glide through the Flourishing Into You Stage and run smack into Stage 6.

Do I Know What’s Real Stage

No. Well, neither does this gal, pictured below, whose face appeared beside that quote in the book. But Heidi knows, and she knows you, too.