Jello Fish Comes Alive

by Bonnie

Did you know that people still throw Tupperware Parties? You can! And it will turn out great, or not. Here’s some things people have to say about their Tupperware experiences, from around the web:

I hosted a Tupperware Party about a month ago and it was a complete disaster.

I hosted a Tupperware party

once. The only people that showed up were my flatmate and I. Between us we purchased over $1000 worth of Tupperware.

All that was left was to remove the jello from the molds and serve.
The instructions said something about putting the tray in water.
I wanted to save time, unmold and serve quickly. So, I placed the tray under running water. Suddenly, the fish came alive and started swimming in the sink, straight donw the drain! They were followed by all the other beautiful jello objects. All gone. Transformed into liquid and disappeared.
Boo, hoo!
So, I hosted a tupperware party and got myself some foolproof (I was the fool) jello molds.
We have lived happily ever after.
The end.