Infinite Sadness Is a Model Horse

by Bonnie

Something is happening right now, everywhere, all around you. People are taking pictures of their model horses and entering them in internet competitions. Dozens of these “virtual collectors’ events” take place around the world every month.

I stumbled upon these tips on how to enter:

Try to make the horse look like it is alive and in a real show

Well, obviously. And well done! For the advanced player:

Another tip is to choose complementary colors; if the horse is chestnut or palomino, for example, a dark hunter green backdrop looks lovely, while bays and grays really shine against a navy blue piece of cloth.

Groups like TOPSA (Totally Online Photo Show Association) and MEPSA (Model Equine Photo Showers Association) have been putting on pony shows for over a decade.

Here are some past champions.

Infinite Sadness

Last Caress

Cocaine Rio

And the inevitable wild card, Carringal Autumn Leaves. It’s like no one even wants to say it. (She’s a unicorn!)

One day, you’re buying the occasional horse object, and blogging about such topics with one eyebrow raised. The next you are devoting all waking hours to winning every model horse photo contest you can find, while raising real live miniature horses out back, and knitting hair from their manes into more miniature horses. Not sure which day today will be, but I feel something slipping, something sliding.