How Will Your Murder Be Solved?

by Bonnie

In every murder-themed entertainment, detectives start by looking for the dead woman’s purse. But of course whoever killed her threw that in the river and/or used the contents to assume her identity. So they head straight for her desk, where it takes just a moment to glance at her open address book and say:

“Every Wednesday at 2pm she meets a ‘Dr. Forrester’ behind the warehouse. It’s 1:30 now. Let’s go.”


What will happen when you are murdered? Did you consider the feelings of your future homicide team when you scrawled notes on half of one pink post-it?

1. cauli-pot. thing, get? 2.remember to find 3. important! ostrich story notes

No I didn’t think so. Try to solve your own murder right now. Will the clues on your desk and in your e-mail get the job done? If not, clean up your act by simply reminding yourself every time you jot an appointment or list: one day, they will need to solve my murder.