Hats for Cats

Spring is right around the corner, and it’s never too early to start thinking about what you’re going to wear once it’s safe to go outside again. But you know not everything is about you all the time. Has it ever occurred to you that your pets might be excitedly planning their spring wardrobes too? Well they have been. In fact, your cat just emailed me and told me she wants you to buy at least one of these adorable hats for her.

Fashionable and practical, the Pet Sun Hat ensures that your cat is protected while spending an afternoon in the garden or at the beach — a favorite hangout spot of cats everywhere. At $15, it’s a great value, and the golden yellow pairs nicely with any fur color.

Cats love to smell flowers! And they really love dressing up like flowers! So make your feline’s flower dreams come true with the Late Bloomer Flower Hat!

The Sassy Sangria Sombrero is so festive and is suitable for Latino and non-Latino cats alike. Order now to be sure your kitty is outfitted in time for Cinco de Mayo!

The Mad Cow Hat is the perfect gift for the tomcat in your life. It shows everyone that he’s a fan of dairy — and also a fan of being a little devilish, am I right??

Obviously, you want to make your cats happy, which means you’ll be buying one or more of these hats immediately. And when you do, the nice people at Pampered Whiskers will donate a portion of the proceeds to a cat rescue organization. It’s a classic win-win.