Bust Mounds and Breast Molding: Let’s Order Custom-Made Bras Online

by Bonnie

We’ve learned a lot from our ongoing look at what is wrong with bras, and what we think makes a bra right. But only one thing is superclear. Our preferences vary as wildly as the size and shape of our breasts. In a perfect world, we would all have bespoke bras, probably from Paris. That can cost thousands. Turns out we have some interesting options for acquiring custom-made bras right from where we are. They are more expensive than bras off the rack (um) but they might just be worth it. The trick is measuring yourself correctly.

For around $500, Snares of Venus offers an intense fitting protocol that includes two samples and shipping. Once you have been successfully fitted, your price will drop considerably for subsequent orders. If you don’t own a digital camera, they will ship one to you to use so that they can see exactly how the samples fit. Really tricky case? Perhaps you’d be interested in spending $650 to make a plaster mold of your breasts?

Breast molding is especially good for women with asymmetrical breast, women with large busts, women with large ribcages and small busts, pre/post surgical mastectomy or lumpectomy women and any other woman that would like to have their very own mannequin in the Snares of Venus studio

Made4Me offers a 5-point fitting guide and a custom bra for $200. I think a lot of their customers are mastectomy patients, but browse to see some cute colors.

BraCraft of Chicago offers custom sizes 28A to 48H and sells on Etsy. One thing they ask you to measure is your Bust Mound. For $120 plus shipping you can have what looks like a pretty good bra, in your choice of several bright, colorful fabrics.

Iris Lingerie of Brooklyn was mentioned in comments, and offers bra tailoring if what you buy there, or elsewhere isn’t right. We haven’t tried this service yet but Edith has visited the store and said Iris offers some great options for as little as $40, and a pleasant shopping experience.

I know that’s just a start, and I am going to keep looking. Have any of you had custom bras made? Know an excellent source or tailor? I won’t stop until we’re all happy, at least with our bras.