Blake Lively Is the Top Woman in General

Today Ask Men runs its comically detailed ranking of the “Top 99 Women of 2011.” In it, each slide is accompanied by a picture of the woman, a brief bio, and then a flurry of numbers, including “our score,” “your score,” and “overall score,” as well as a measure of how people viewing the slideshow think she scored — whether they find her ranking appropriate, or whether they think she should have been rated higher or lower. (For instance, 4% of viewers would rank No 1 Blake Lively higher, 9% percent think she’s appropriately ranked, and 86% would rank her lower.) So that’s seven different numbers per woman, and you can’t hear it, but I’m making this throaty “huuuuulll” noise that’s the sound a nerd makes when it’s excited.

Worth clicking through if only to hear the song that comes on when you play Blake’s “video,” which is not so much a video as a funky power point presentation. Seriously, the song. Huuullll.