BBFs, Best Bat Friends

Female wild Bechstein’s bats prefer to literally hang out with certain friends while they also keep loose ties to the rest of their colony. … [T]hese bat buddies mirror human ones.

Oh girl.


Did you see what Batricia put on her —


So you did?

Oh, I only have eyes. Or, the ability to sense things in the way that we do.

What was it, a grub? That she squished open and smeared on her lips like gloss? I seriously can’t even.

Just thinking about her makes me wanna barf up these moths we just shared that I know I ate way more of than you.

Don’t even joke about that, you know you’re so skinny.

Shut up, I’m like nine million grams.

I’m the one who’s nine million grams! You’re like one gram, which is a full six grams lower than what our average weight should be.

If I were a gram I would wear grubs as shoes, seriously, I would do anything.

LOL, I’m picturing that.