Are These Your Teeth?

Alternately, do you know whose teeth they are? If so, there’s a $500 reward.

Why is Fine Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation offering this $500 Reward –- It’s simple, it’s because we don’t know who once wore them, and if we did, why, well, er … we could sell them for a lot of money

If you’re thinking, “They look familiar, they might be my teeth,” there are a few more pictures after the jump to help you remember.

The rules of the $500 contest are as follows:

1. Proof of prior ownership must be conclusive (photos, or some detailed historical text)

2. This reward will go to the first person who provides a verifiable previous owner.

3. It is entirely likely that these teeth may have been part of a museum collection or private collection. If you can conclusively provide this information, and even if you do not know the person to whom these Antique Gold and Enamel False Teeth belonged to, that’s OK, as long as you can establish for a fact that this museum or private collection, once owned them.

The organization is also offering a $100 prize to whoever can come up with the funniest story about these teeth. Among the funny stories to beat:

It is cat ))