Would You Get Married in a Funeral Home?

If not, why? Lots of people are doing it. Oh, because funeral homes might be haunted, and ghosts might ruin your wedding? Fair enough.

Jennifer stands in a small room in the back, holding her bouquet and waiting for her cue to walk down the aisle. She’s dressed in the gown of her dreams and so excited it’s all finally happening — Jason is her one true love, and this is the happiest day of her life. Just then she sees something out of the corner of her eye, and when she turns to look she sees an old woman standing against the wall, staring at her. The woman’s flesh is peeling off her face in strips, and she’s also transparent and colorless. “Can I help you?” Jennifer whispers.

Instead of answering, the woman beckons her bony hand at the carpet, at which point a bunch of additional transparent people start floating out of the floor, each more decayed and humorless than the last. “You guys,” Jennifer hisses. “You guys are fucking this up for me!!!”