Where Are You Hiding Your Cash? No Reason

At least a third of you are committing “financial infidelity” with your spouse or significant person, according to a Forbes survey. And although the article covering it is pretty straightforward — lying about money causes arguments and maybe divorce — it also includes a totally true story about a young woman who decided to go the extra step.

In one of the most extreme deceptions … a 20-something woman fabricated her entire financial history. The original lie happened on the first date. Because he was very well-educated, successful and high-earning, she didn’t think he’d like her when she told him she didn’t have a degree or a job. She lied, saying she had her masters and a salaried position.

The woman continued the fib while they dated and into their eventual marriage. When he left home for work, she left too. When he returned home in the evening, so did she. Because he was so successful, he paid for everything and never noticed that she didn’t have an income. Eventually he did discover the truth and promptly filed for divorce.

The article goes on to explain, “My friend seriously went to school with a girl named Diarrhea, I swear to god. Her parents were from another country, so they didn’t speak English and they just thought it was a pretty name,” and also “My cousin Jennifer met this old-fashioned-looking woman with a gray ribbon on the road one day, and then later she was reading about a lady with a gray ribbon who died 50 years ago, and it was the same woman, isn’t that so fucked up?”