What Do You Seek From Celebrities’ Hair?

by Liz Colville

The blog Total Beauty is so sick of famous people’s hair styles. They just do not know what to do with them anymore. The color is fading; they are so 2008; hairbrushes get stuck in them; they are so ratty there is an ordinance against paparazzi taking pictures of them from the back; it’s getting hard to hide their split-ends inside other hairs that don’t have such troubles.

Well, changing another person’s hair style with the help of Photoshop is a lot easier than changing one’s own hair style, or finding the famous person whose hair you are sick of and telling them they should cut all their hair off to look like the Farrowesque hair of Emma Watson, or the sexy highlight job of Alessandra Ambrosio. And how to determine how to change the hair style? Turn to the hair styles of other celebrities, the only people with any ideas in this world anymore. Pictured is Lindsay Lohan with Emma Watson’s hair, and I will admit I meditated on this picture for a long time last night while thinking about something else more serious and important, and it worked. I was helped, I was saved. There is such a serenity here that I would hope Lindsay would consider doing this soon. What has to happen for this to happen?

Also in this feature, Demi Moore gets Alessandra’s hair, and Courtney Cox gets Katie Holmes’s hair. In the pièce de résistance, Carrie Underwood gets Christina Hendricks’ hair, and wow, it’s something.