Well, Things Continue to Suck

by Liz Colville

We returned from a weekend of mourning birds and fish to mourn people who went to talk about issues with a politician only to be killed or injured by or traumatically proximate to a person who we then spent the next five days reading all kinds of speculative articles about. The Tucson shootings did cause certain areas of the media to wake up a little, but it also caused Sarah Palin — who, by the way, isn’t even a politician anymore…so…? — to take things too far, her specialty, and now it’s Friday and it’s tempting to say, What the fuck next? while hoping no one or thing responds. Monday is the day we honor the man pictured, and given the state of things, why not start early? But if what you really want to do is distract yourself, by all means:

Peace! (I mean it.)

Photo from the National Archives via Wikipedia