Toilet Paper-Hoarding Is “Absolutely Fantastic” and “So Cool”

Amanda has a Toilet Paper Room in her house (to be fair it looks more like several toilet paper towers in a storage room, but whatever), where she keeps 40 years worth of toilet paper. (That’s 3,000 rolls, which, if you do the math, comes out to 75 rolls a year, or 6 1/4 a month. Is that your pace, too?) Her buddy Nathan is loving it.

This is from the TLC show Extreme Couponing, which is like Hoarders’ tidy but equally neurotic and terrifying cousin. And then also the prudish older sister of that show with the woman who eats toilet paper. Remember how our brains are shrinking and people aren’t sure whether we’re getting stupider or just more gentle? I keep thinking about that, like, “which is the answer?!”


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