Thanks For Having Me

by Bonnie

I had such a lovely time today. Thank you all for indulging my prying questions, supporting my quest for love, and not talking about My Thing.

Now let’s relax.

Clear out your cosmetic drawer. Take all the half-used bottles of creams and lotions, mix them together, and slather your whole body with it from head to toe. Wrap up in a clean sheet, make yourself a drink, lie down, and turn on the soaps. — Tova Borgnine, The Tova Difference (1984)

Edith returns tomorrow! For those who haven’t had quite enough thanks, of me, I’d love to see you this Saturday at Meet The Lady . This month’s theme is stalking. Sean Donnelly, director of the epically creepy I Think We’re Alone Now will be there, and I’ll be sharing a foolproof method to make any man fall in love with you.